Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - A charcoal drawing I did of Sitting Bull

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Melanie said...

You did a very nice job!!

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Patty said...

Great picture!

Neen said...

You are very talented, great drawing.

Childlife said...

Wow, very impressive! You have definitely have me beat in the portrait department - LOL!

Thanks for stopping by my place and happy WW!

Pam's World said...


I am amazed at how talented you are. I knew that your loom knitting talents were great but had NO idea you are an artist as well!! That Sitting Bull drawing is museum quality. I envy you. Well... I do not envy your extremely over the top busy life you lead with 6 kids & all but for the fact you still have your creative side intact and fully active... well that is amazing!!
Thanks for sharing it with us!