Saturday, April 19, 2008

I keep dreaming the same dream.

This dream is so real. Almost night after night I wake up in a cold sweat and I either shake my hubby awake or holler out. Poor hubby, last night I jumped up out of bed and yelled out his name over and over again, frantic. Then it hit me that it was only a dream...again! He just sat up and said "looks like you figured it all out". I keep dreaming that I am forgetting to feed the baby alpaca! In my dream the baby is dying because she isn't being fed. What a silly dream! Of course the baby is being fed! And, the silliest thing of all, her momma still feeds her milk. She eats hay and she gets fed grain morning and night, but in my dream she isn't being fed. What on earth does this crazy dream mean? I've had this dream almost nightly since she was born last fall! Oh, I wish I knew.