Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The contact lens saga continues...

I found out today that I can't just order a new contact lens to replace the one my two year old disposed of yesterday. I found out my prescription is expired so now I have to have an eye exam. Which means I have to order a whole new set! The worst of it? I just had the left one replaced because when I took it out of my eye a couple months ago, it tore! This set of contact lenses has cost me a bundle! On top of it all, I can't see the greatest right now!

I finished my loom along Felted Baguette by Isela Phelps this past weekend. I have a top load washer and despite what I've read a hundred times over, you can felt just fine with one! I am so non chalant! I worried not one bit about the felting process. I threw that baby in my washer, didn't change my settings one bit (it was set for cold wash and cold rinse on high water level and heavy soil). I walked away and went about my business, when the washer beeped, I opened up the machine, checked my bag, decided it needed a little more felting so put it back in with another load of cloths (nope, didn't put jeans in either washload) and walked away again. When the machine beeped, I opened up the washer pulled out my bag and voila, gorgeousness! It was the perfect size. I just needed to smooth out a few wrinkles and put in my toilet paper pack to shape it a little. I purchased a purse zipper today and it fits perfectly (size 12" zipper). The only snag I've run into with this bag, I sewed my zipper in and accidentally sewed the purse handles in the inside of the bag! Arrrgh! Had to tear out one side and fix that! Ooops. I found this necklace with a gorgous pendant that broke a long time ago. It has some of the colors of the bag in it. It looks so beautiful next to the bag that I am trying to figure out how to attach it to my bag. I'll keep brainstorming and I am sure I'll think of something!


Robin McCoy said...

Well, last night when I took the dogs out to go potty, I felt cobwebs across my face as I walked under the carport. I was OK with that, until I guess my hair fell in my face and I freaked thinkin' it was a spider right there in my face...what did I do? I knocked my glasses off my face onto the gravel driveway. One of my lenses has a scratch in the center across the top of it, where is right where they fall for my eyes to look throuhg. It is like I have permanent gunk there that won't wipe off and I really REALLY loved these glasses. They are so cool and funky and now they are scratched. :( I really wanted to cry and Chris wouldn't hug me at all to make it better. I ended up pinching him really hard. :P
I was thinkiing about disassembling some old jewlery to decorate my bag as well. What a coincidence again.
And your charcoal of Sitting Bull is just amazing! :D