Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday's Toot - I am a Top Momma!

I have two toots for today! First off, I finally made it onto the front page of Top Momma! I had forgotten all about it until I logged online a few minutes ago and low and behold, I am a top momma! Whooo, hooo! If you vote for me, I will stay there (for a little while, anyway). I sure would like to experience a little of that warm fuzzy goodness of sticking around for a few days at least (hint, hint), so could you click here and vote for me? I am Cre8tivkj and I am in the upper left hand corner.

I'm a Top Mommma!

My second toot for today, I finally submitted a pattern to Loom Knitter's Circle Magazine and it was accepted! Yeah!!!!! I have been meaning to do this for sometime but my little inner critic keeps telling me how ugly, stupid, or unacceptable my designs are. So, I took that bugger by the neck and choked the living daylights out of him and submitted a design! LOL!


dominique said...

voted for your on Top momma. Hope you have a long stay there.


cre8tivkj said...

Thank you so much!

Robin McCoy said...

Do I even have to say that I went and voted for you? LOL! YAY for Karen! Uh-huh, oh yeah, it's your birthday, shake your bootay, like Shenaynay! :P

Sammi T. said...

Hi, Saw you on topmomma. Congratulations! How long did it take to reach front page? Nice blog.Sami

LoomLady said...

Hi Karen!

I voted for you! Have a long and happy stay on the top! LOL

I guess I must really like ugly, stupid and unacceptable because I visit your sites every day to see what you have come up with! LOL

Curvaceous, said...

Voted for you! Thanks for stopping by!

Sorka said...

Well it's about time!! Now it has to get through the penalty...er.. editing phase.. I trust you have used the template??? mwah hahahahha
Can't wait to see your pattern! I have such a fun job!

mommajean13 said...

Hi Karen I voted for you also.
Good Luck, WandaJean

agnesC said...

Hi I had voted for you also :) and congratulations being on top, hope I will be able to get there one day!

707Mia said...

Wow- knitting loom- sounds interesting and creative! Congrats on your getting your pattern out there!
Also, thanks for coming and visiting my blog :)