Monday, April 21, 2008

What personality type are you?

I found this over on Isela's Blog. I took the little test and here is what I got:

You Are An INFP

The Idealist

  • You are creative with a great imagination, living in your own inner world.
  • Open minded and accepting, you strive for harmony in your important relationships.
  • It takes a long time for people to get to know you. You are hesitant to let people get close.
  • But once you care for someone, you do everything you can to help them grow and develop.
  • In love, you tend to have high (and often unrealistic) standards.
  • You are very sensitive. You tend to have intense feelings.
  • At work, you need to do something that expresses your personal values.
  • You would make an excellent writer, psychologist, or artist.
  • How you see yourself: Unselfish, empathetic, and spiritual
  • When other people don't get you, they see you as: Unrealistic, naive, and weak

Sounds about right.


Agnes C said...

Hi I took the test too..please take a look at my result at my blog. :D