Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Must be too many irons in the fire!

Man, oh man. I haven't posted since September 5th! Where exactly does the time go? I must be having fun...Don't they say that time flys when you're having fun? Well, we did have something extra special happen last Friday, September 21st...we got a very special addition to our little herd of alpacas. She is just a doll! She doesn't have a name yet. And no, we HADN'T considered Delilah! She was born bright and early in the pouring rain! So much for alpacas being born between 8 a.m. and 12 noon! Ha, ha! Oh, and so much for them being born on a sunny day! Well, it did clear off and turn into a bright and very warm day until about noon when the wind switched and it turned cold again. I am just happy it got warm shortly after she had her and she was able to dry off and get used to her new legs and surroundings while it was warm out instead of the bitter cold we had the few days before her birth.

Isn't she just the sweetest?

My son turns 7 today! We had his birthday festivities this past weekend. He's still crazy about Pirates and being the Aaaaaaaaartistic being that I am, I just had to create a Pirate party he would never forget. The cake was extra fun to make:

The cake surrounded with lots of loot

I sent the kiddos out to find pieces of eight all over the house, yard, and way out to the woods. My favorite clue was found out in our patch of woods, found hanging from a stake:

Hum, hum alpacas

Have ye any food?

Avast matie! Avast matie! Three bags full

One that isn’t opened

And one we don’t use

And one covered with a lid, which hides ye next clue

The kids had a great time with the water balloon fight despite NOT being able to create two giant pirate ships from cardboard boxes like I had intended. I had the kids walk the plank blind folded (a wooden board stradled across two cement blocks). The best part, I drew sharks with sidewalk chalk circling the plank and even had a shark emerging from the water ready to bite it's next victim. I should have gotten a picture before the kiddos threw water all over it during the water balloon fight. It was VERY cool! Makes me want to draw again!

Now, on a more crafty note. I joined in on the cloth-along going on with my looming dishcloth group over on yahoo. The group unanimously decided to include any type of dishcloths and NOT limit them to loomed ones. Here are my crocheted dishcloth dresses:

I decided to design an alpaca winter hat using the Fair Isle or Standed Color knitting method. I intend on looming my hat. It would make a cute bag too!
© 2007 Karen J. Gielen. All rights reserved. This design is my own creation. I was not able to find a pattern anywhere and had to make my own. Please do not copy, take or distribute without my written consent!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

RLS - Nightmare on County Rd 155

It's maddening. The more tired I am, the worse it gets. Night after night it is a ficious cycle. I am going crazy with it. How can it affect just one leg? I am trapped in a nightmare but I am not even sleeping! At midnight I got back out of bed to research this horrible disorder. I need to work on cutting caffeine from my diet. I need to try adding more folate. I could have severe kidney failure. Oh boy, this gets worse. Looks like I can expect it to get even worse as I age. Oh, wonderful!

Amanda in her Sunday best at Granny and Grandfather's Anniversary Celebration 8-26-07

We finally brought our alpacas home! It took a few days for them to settle in but now they are right at home. I just love going out there and feeding and stroking their soft coats. Our baby boy, Samson, is so friendly and just the cutest little puff ball of fur. You could just hug and squeeze him. I am well into reading this book on of the ranches gave as a gift to us on handling and herding Alpacas. No wonder I like them so much, their mannerisms resemble cats in so many ways. They even use a communial toilet area and do not go all over the pasture.

Paige in her Sunday best at Granny and Grandfather's Anniversary Celebration 8-26-07

Go to go feed the alpacas...