Monday, April 28, 2008

Down in the dumps.

If this cold, snowy weather wasn't enough to get me down, now I have a crumpled and torn to shreds contact lens thanks to my two year old exploring little girl. I caught her in the bathroom messing in my cupboard. She had the toothpaste and was about to squirt some into her mouth. I got it away from her and shewed her out of the bathroom. Ok, disaster avoided there. A little while later I went into the bathroom to get ready for the day. I grabbed my contact case and oh ooooooh, it was open! I took off the cap and no contact lens! I turned towards the sink to set the case down (my mistake) and crunch, I stepped on it! It was a mushed and ground up mess. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I hollered at the top of my lungs! Such frustration. Thanks goodness I kept my old contacts (very old, two years old I think) for such an emergency. It was all dried out and needed to sit in some solution to get it ready for my eye. It is slightly blurry but not as bad as my glasses. I think my glasses are as old as my five year old. I can't see worth a darn with them.


guppygirl said...

(((hugs))) Been there. But my contact was found floating in the toilet. I switched to disposables after that. That way I almost always have a backup pair waiting around, lol. I've always had soft lenses. Do they even make disposables for hard contacts?

agnesC said...

My girl attempted to play with it once luckily I was in time to stop it. To avoid being blind without my lens I always put my contact lens casing up high so they can not reach out to get it.