Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My jam packed weekend of fiber, fun, animals, and friends!

I usually spend my days loom knitting, needle knitting, or doing some sort of craft or art project and don't usually get out of the house much. It is tough when you have six kids and naps need to be taken, snacks need to be eaten, potty training needs to be done, meals need to be prepared, and alpacas need to be fed and watered. I always have mountains of laundry to do or messes to clean up (I had a giant one this morning, my two year old tossed her breakfast across the kitchen while I showered). This past weekend was an exception to my usual rule of being a house ape. When I have plans, I have plans! I started out my weekend off by going with my two youngest girls on a community fieldtrip to St. Paul, MN to the Children's Museum. My daughters had great fun running from one room to the next playing with all of the exhibits! It was mayhem! LOL!

Amanda playing with ping pong balls at one of the exhibits.

Amanda sliding down an exhibit.

Paige playing with magnets in water.

While we were at the museum I found a little boy on the staircase crying his eyes out. He was about five years old. I saw so many people just walk past him. I walked up to him and asked him if he was lost. He wouldn't speak to me at first but I persisited. I told him it was ok, I would help him. I found a staff person and told him that the little boy was lost. The man said he would radio someone and walked away. My two girls were anxious to get going and took off running. I had to take the little boys hand and follow my two girls. Finally the man came back and brought a guide for the museum with him. I felt so badly for the little guy. He was so scared. I hope and pray he is home safe with his family.

After we left the museum, we headed to the Como Zoo. We couldn't have asked for a nicer day! It was warm and sunny. It wasn't too warm or too cool. My girls couldn't have been more well behaved! LOL! Too bad I had a terrible cold and had to haul a pile of kleenix along and stop to blow my nose constantly!

Our day went by quickly and we were soon home and crashed into bed early!

The next day was Mommy's day to play! Since it was my step kids weekend with their mother, I dropped off my three children off at my sister's house and my husband and I went down to Lake Elmo, MN to the Shepherd's Harvest Wool and Sheep Festival. I got to meet my friend Lisa Anderson. We had lots of fun endulging our fiber addictions! It was cold and pouring rain, but we still delighted in all of the fleece, yarn, spinning wheels, felted critters, and such! I can honestly tell you, this woman has a serious yarn addiction! LOL! Oh, and her husband is the tallest man in the world! Lisa is about the same height as my 11 year old and her husband towered over my husband and my husband towers over me! I am not short! And, I am considered tall for a woman! When we met up at the Llama barn I almost walked past them because he was so much taller than Lisa, it threw me off! LOL! I heard them say "maybe not" as I walked by so I turned and asked the gal standing next to this towering man if her name was Lisa. Imagine my shock when she said "yes"!

My only regret over the day was how cold and wet it was! I brought some alpaca fleece along to show Lisa and her husband but it was just too wet out. Oh well, they will be near by for a while so we can have them come by our ranch and visit with the alapcas in person some day soon!

At the festival I picked up a sweet little booklet to aide me in using my drop spindle. I am able to spin on my wheel but haven't been able to master my drop spindle yet. I really want to learn so I also picked up another book on spinning the following day as a gift to myself for Mother's Day.

I managed to talk Lisa's husband into buying a drop spindle at the festival. Now I need to master mine and then I can help him out with his! I figured I'd introduce him to the spindle since it is a much more economical way to learn to spin and to find out if he even likes to spin instead of investing in a wheel right off the bat.

Until next time!


Joy said...

Hey girl! Thanks for dropping by my blog for MommyFest! You are more than welcome to use my pro-life quote... I have no clue who wrote it, but it wasn't me! LOL! Stop on in any time!

Heidi said...

Sounds fun and exhausting. Great pictures.