Monday, May 5, 2008

Hubby took a tussle with a deer last night!

I just finished talking to my hubby maybe 20 minutes prior. I told him I loved him and would see him in about a half hour. I hung up, jumped in the shower, got the girls ready for bed, and just sat down to rock-a-bye baby with my two year old (she still likes some extra special snuggly times with me before night night time), when the phone rang again. It was my hubby! That's strange, I thought when I picked up the phone. He didn't sound so good. He was breathing a little heavy and I could hear the two kids he had with him chattering excitedly in the background. He say's "Yeah, we had an accident." My heart lept from my chest. I had visions of them tangled up in a ditch somewhere. He started telling me the story. "There was this deer just standing off into the ditch on the other side of the road, I had the trailer I was pulling behind me with the fourwheeler and I just couldn't even begin to stop"...I thought to myself "Oh, no! Someone got hurt." He goes on to discribe..."the thing smashed into the mirror on the driver's side, flew up and smashed into the side of passenger door and then flew up over the truck and landed onto the trailer and caved the whole trailer's front end in." Thankfully he was able to keep the thing steady and it wasn't more serious:

The deer even left a little souvineer behind:


Sorka said...

Yowch! I had a tussle with a deer once! It ran off with a souvenier, the front turn signal from my car!
Wow.. poor trailer. Poor deer. Poor hubby!