Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I interrupt this busy life to comfort a friend

I learned on Monday that my online friend Vivian (a.k.a Raven) lost her son on Mother's Day. Raven has been a very active voice in the looming community and serves as Co-Moderator on the Looming Angels Yahoo group. Looming Angels is a group of loomers, needle knitters, and crocheters creating items for charity. As a group we are coming together to make an afghan for Vivian to offer up a small amount of comfort during this great tragedy. I've been especially busy this month (it's the month just before school gets out and it is the crazy, crazy month of school functions). I had some loom along projects in progress and some designs I was working out. I, however, interrupt this busy life to take a few moments for my friend to make as many afghan squares as I am able.