Tuesday, May 27, 2008

100 Things About Me

1. I've been to 10 of the 50 states in the US.

2. I have six kids that live with us full time. I also have 1 stepdaughter that has never lived with us and she has a son so that makes me a step-grandmother.

3. I am 38 (and will be 39 this year).

4. I am obsessed with learning how to use my drop spindle (I understand how to use my spinning wheel but the drop spindle is aluding me).

5. I LOVE cats!

6. I live on a 40 acre ranch.

7. I have never seen the ocean.

8. I changed my major from English Lit, to Journalism, to Fine Arts, to Graphic Arts and went to two schools before I graduated.

9. I was student of the year when I was in 8th grade.

10. I love photography and even won an award for a picture I took way back in highschool.

11. I broke my left hip when I was a kid and had two surgeries on it. First I had a pin put in and then the pin was removed the following year. I now suffer from terrible arthritis in this hip.

12. I like dogs, and used to own a dog that now lives with my mother and father in law up north (he was a problem to our neighbors). Then we got another dog but she had problems with her front legs and had to be put to sleep. Before she died, she had puppies, two survived. We had trouble with them and the neighbors so we had to get rid of them too. We no longer can have dogs.

13. I have tried just about every craft known to woman.

14. My favorite colors are purple and green.

15. I used to work in downtown Denver at an advertising agency.

16. I grew up on a farm.

17. I would love to learn how to mix essential oils to make my own perfume.

18. I was married to my husband in Las Vegas, NV.

19. I love books and reading, but have not read a novel (geared towards an adult) since before my first child was born. I miss reading. I've read many books to my kids. I do read lots and lots of how-to books or reference books and magazines.

20. I have a love-hate relationship with cooking. Sometimes I really enjoy it and other days I can't stand to do it. It depends, I think on what I am doing before I need to prepare a meal. If I am doing something I don't want to put down, I dread making a meal.

21. I hate winter (which sucks for me since I live in Minnesota and winter doesn't seem to want to let go this year, it was only 39 degrees this morning).

22. I wish I knew how to play piano.

23. I think all problems can be solved with prayer.

24. When I have a clean house, I get obsessive compulsive about keeping it clean (this is difficult and stressful when there are six kids in the house).

25. I taught myself how to do website design and taught myself how to hardcode a page, I even taught myself some CSS.

26. I HATE having dirty dishes in the sink.

27. I don't mind getting dirty, even out in the barn.

28. I am frugal. I am a saver. My husband is a spender. We clash on this.

29. I rarely watch T.V.

30. When I do watch T.V. I watch shows related to realestate and/or interior decorating or remodeling. I never watch any of the mainstream shows most people watch such as "Lost" or "American Idol".

31. A clean floor is VERY important to me.

32. I hate folding socks (probably because I have 16 feet in my house and folding socks for 16 feets takes several hours a week).

33. I like to make things, in fact, I am obsessed with making things.

34. I like to entertain.

35. I used to work for a magazine.

36. I am currently teaching myself how to do punch needle rugs. I want to make one for our cabin we are building (slooooooooowly) up north. Plus, I want to learn how so I can make some with our alpaca yarn to sell at our Farm Tour that is coming up this fall.

37. I used to be obssessed with rubber stamping, but haven't done it in several years. I had an impressive stamp collection.

38. I used to make my own soap.

39. I have dabbled in house planning. I designed my own kitchen in the house we have now and did a lot of the floor planning in our cabin.

40. A food I could not live without is the potato.

41. I used to be terrified of driving. Now I love it.

42. I can not live without my hair dryer or curling iron.

43. I am a night owl. My husband is an early bird. We clash on this.

44. I read the Holy Bible.

45. I had all four of my wisdom teeth by the time I was 16. They were impacted and had to be removed. They made me very sick.

46. I dislike wearing dresses.

47. Pantyhose and me do not mix.

48. I've moved 10 times in my life.

49. I am grumpy in the morning and do not wake up until I've had my coffee. Don't get between me and my coffee if you know what is good for you.

50. I am allergic to milk.

51. I hate being late. My husband is always late. We clash on this.

52. I avoid confrontation.

53. I am a summer girl.

54. One of the best years of my life was when I was 30.

55. I would rather give than receive.

56. I am a perfectionist.

57. I like learning new things.

58. I love being up really late at night when everyone else is asleep.

59. I love to sing.

60. I would like to visit the Holy Land, Greece and Hawaii before I die.

61. I have poor math skills.

62. I didn't learn how to read a ruler until I was in college! Isn't that just terrible? Now I need to know how because I am a graphic designer. Good thing I mastered it.

63. I can eyeball something onto a piece of paper right smack dab in the middle and make it perfectly straight too!

64. I did not learn how to drive (really) until I was 22.

65. I am maticulous.

66. When I was in Kindergaten, I spoiled for everyone that there wasn't an Easter Bunny. We went for a walk and came back to our classroom, there was a big Easter basket in the middle of the table. The teacher made a big production out of it being the Easter Bunny, I piped up and said that it wasn't the Easter Bunny because there wasn't any such thing and it was just the janitor!

67. I could draw a perfect circle when I was in Kindergarten.

68. When I was in Kindergarten I also spoiled it for the others when the teacher used to blow up a letter (like a beach ball only shaped like letters). She would bring them out into the classroom and tell us they came from outer space (what the heck?) so I piped up and said that they were all in a box in the back room all uninflated. I don't think my teacher liked me much.

69. I went to a private school until I was in 9th grade.

70. I had very blonde hair was I was little. Almost white, it was so blonde.

71. I played the Good Witch in a production of The Wizard of Oz when I was in school.

72. I also played an old lady in another play in school.

73. I sang my first solo in church during a Christmas Pagent.

74. I write poetry.

75. I've had a couple of my poems published.

76. I wanted a dolphin when I was little.

77. I also thought it would be neat to have a monkey.

78. I would love to own a horse.

79. I hate my hips.

80. I hate my stomach, it used to be so flat but after having three c-sections, it is shot to hell.

81. My children are my greatest accomplishment.

82. I wish I lived closer to my parents.

83. I would like to learn how to weave next.

84. I love the smell of burning wood. It reminds me of my mother. We had a woodburning stove in our house when I was little to heat it. My mother was the one to stoke the stove and this smell reminds me of her because of it.

85. I think the tiger is the most beautiful creature.

86. I have never had a tatoo.

87. I would like to see more plays.

88. Fresh cut hay smells wonderful to me.

89. The most beautiful scenery I've ever seen is when I used to work in Boulder, CO. I was driving to work one day on a perfect fall day. The night before it had snowed in the mountains and the Flat Irons were capped with snow. The sky was clear and sunny. I looked over into this lush green field toward the mountains, the aspens were peaking and glistening in the bright sunshine, the mountains were snow capped, and the field was filled with wild elk. Breathtaking!

90. I once came face-to-face with a Moose only a few hundred feet away from me.

91. I also came face-to-face with a giant rattle snake.

92 I love vegetables.

93. I hate white bread.

94. I will only eat whole grain breads.

95. I use whole wheat flour and not all-purpose.

96. I cook with olive oil.

97. I clean my house with chemical free cleaners.

98. I recycle.

99. I believe in creation.

100. I do not tan, I burn instead.


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