Monday, May 19, 2008

Boo Hoo Sniff Sniff

It's official, our cat Garfield is gone. We haven't seen him now for about a week. My beautiful orange cat, the cat I've wanted for years (ever since I was a child and we had some orange cats), and he is gone. Too much Tom Cat'in around. We still have Cutie, but with this busy, busy road we live on, it's only a matter of time before she gets smeared on it too :-(


Goodbye Garfield.


Sara said...

I am so sorry to hear about your cat. I hope you enjoyed Mommyfest and look forward to seeing you around!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry about Garfield. I have always wanted a cat but hubby is allergic and now my daughter is too, I think I will have to live always without a kitty. Enjoy your other kitty.

Robin McCoy said...

I have a total of 14 cats.....7 of which are 6 week old kittens. You are welcome to as many as you want (but you can't have MY Garfield b/c he is a pussy cat that is terrified to leave the house..suffers from anxiety a lot, and runs away at the sound of a strange car or 4-wheeler in the driveway. The only other person besides us that he comes near is my mom!) You can take all of my outside cats if you want them. Sasha and Aphrodite are the most sociable, though they have their moods. Aphrodite is a gorgeous cream would love her. She is one of those cats that gives off an air of dainty femininity. Then there is Troi and Tigger (Troi is the pregnant sister and Tigger the brother)that are both orange tabbies...but they are a special orange. They aren't like most orange tabbies. Then there is Yang, a one year old male that is a smokey colored tabby. I would say his smokey color is more of a silver. He was an inside cat until recently when I kicked him out of the house for circumstances I would rather not discuss...that I am still cleaning up. He hates it out there! Three of the kittens are Sasha's and 4 are Aphrodite's. I have only named two b/c I am not supposed to be getting attached to them...but it is hard not to when they bombard you every time you step outside. There is a calico that is gray, orange and white. I call her Cally. Then there is a cream male that looks like his mommy (Dite, is what I call Aphrodite most of the time), I call the cream male CreamPuff. The other kittens are just ordinary, unextraordinary kittens. Two orange tabbies (one from each litter), an orange and white, a cream and white, and a gray with white paws.
I am serious, you want them and can take a trip to MS, I will save them for you. Chris says that I have to get rid of all my outside cats but two (and of course, we get to keep Garfield). I think I am choosing Aphrodite for sure...but I don't know after that. Then there is the litter that Troi is about to have. But I don't know if she is smart enough to have them up on the porch where I can help her care for them. And no, my cats aren't the territorial kind that will kill the others' kittens to ensure the survival of their own. More like the 'everyone helps take care of all the babies' kind of family.
Ok, enough rambling about my 'cat farm'. I am not a crazy cat lady....they just keep the mice away (and really they do, I don't have a mouse problem, but when this was my parents' house we always had mice and we had only one cat that was an inside cat) and they multiply once a year and I have to find homes for the babies, end up getting attached and keeping at least one or two. It is NOT a great thing. But we don't have the money to get them spayed and neutered so that there are no more babies runnin' around. (The boys are NOT the fathers of the babies...don't worry. Tom cats are the daddies. Tom cats that aren't claimed by anyone around here.)
OK, getting off here now! I am sorry Karen.