Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Harrowing Experience

Instead of my coffee this morning to help wake me up, I had a harrowing experience that really got my heart pumping.

My morning didn’t start out so well from the get go. My soon-to-be 11 year old stepdaughter has had a serious chip on her shoulder for a couple days and we butted heads first thing. She didn’t go to school with us on good terms.

I called my hubby to vent. He reminded me to get a bid done that was due first thing this morning so I hopped onto the computer and quickly got it done. Then I went out to feed the alpacas. My mind was on my stepdaughter, and how we didn’t part on good terms. I fed them grain and hay and then I went to the outside gate to get into their pen so I could open up the gate to their newly built pen with fresh green grass. I must not have latched the gate well enough. While I was busy working on getting the gate to the new pasture open and the chain latched to keep the gate open, the alpacas went over to the other gate I had just entered the pen from. They pushed their way through and out they went, out into the wide open spaces and to freedom and to my despair! When I turned around I could have just fainted from fright! I was all alone with only my two young girls and I had five alpacas on the loose with a busy, busy highway only yards away. I was out of my mind with fright. Alpacas are fast as deer when they want to run. And did they ever run!

I spent the next two hours chasing five alpacas around our 40 acres, across the road, back again, across the road, back again, across the road, back again, around and around our forty acres all the while screaming for help as people drove by. I soon found out how few good Samaritans are left in this world. How few people really care when someone is in distress and how they sure know how to rubber neck and look to see what all the commotions is about, but won’t bother to even stop and offer to call for help. At this point I was beyond exhaustions. I was praying for help, screaming for help. Screaming to God to make someone stop and help me herd these animals back into the pen. The alpacas were on the road several times and cars just flew by. Then things got a whole lot worse. My two year old daughter came out of the house and walked right onto the road while I was trying to hold the animals in position next to our bank of trees.

I was done. I was out of my mind with fright and was breathing very heavy from running and screaming. I had to rescue my daughter first. I watched as my alpacas up into the field again and over the hill as I ran to rescue my daughter. Then I saw a truck coming with flashing lights and orange on the back. It was a road crew truck. I started waving my hands and screaming to please help me. They pulled over.

Three men stepped out and asked me what the trouble was. I told them my animals were all out and I was by myself trying to herd them. I told them I had to rescue my daughter and the alpacas went running. The men told me to get my daughter and they would help. I thanked God and I thanked them. I was so grateful for the help. My three angels appeared in orange safety jackets!

It took the men some time to get them rounded up and close to the barn. I ran to get grain to try and lure them to the pen. When I came out of the barn with the grain I saw that the alpacas were at the farthest end of our land running like mad. I didn’t think there was any hope. The men were able to get them to come back toward the barn. We managed to get them funneled between our shed and the fence. I opened the gate and stood in the space between the shed and the gate to prevent them from getting around it. We were able to herd them into the gate. Praise the Lord, they were in!

I profusely thanked the men. I asked them what their names were. I told them I would buy them lunch or something. They shook their heads and said they didn’t need anything, they said they were just doing their job. They told me that the next time I drive by men working on the road, to go by slowly and don’t laugh when they are resting on a shovel because they are just tired from working so long and hard. Thank you Stearns County anonymous road crew, whoever you were! You were angels to me today!


guppygirl said...

Wow, that sounds like a very difficult morning. You need the rest of the day off. Do Moms even get time off? I hope you get to rest up a little and recover. I'm glad nobody was hurt and you recovered your alpacas. May the rest of your day be peaceful.

Robin McCoy said...

Ok, so don't laugh at me, but when I read a book or something I put myself in the main character's position. I feel his/her emotions. And boy was I feeling you as I was reading this. My heart is still racing and I am trying to catch my breath. If only it was as easy as getting the cows in the pasture next door to go back. You just have to walk toward them and they jump right back over the fence. :( You deserve a girls' night out for sure...wish I was there b/c I would have called up some friends immediately and said, "We need to rescue Karen!" ( I have never done such a thing before, but you really REALLY deserve it.)