Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thankful Thursday...

Today I would like to send out a great big thank you to all of my readers that have given me such positive feedback and have helped me to plan for some wonderful things yet to come on my little blog. Thank you everyone!

Some things I plan on adding soon:
* A tutorial on making pegs using polymer clay
* More minu movies
* More free dishcloth patterns in PDF format

I sincerely hope that when my visitors drop by that they are not dissapointed and they can end there visit with me on a creative note, taking with them lots of ideas and some fun stuff to do too!

I would like you to meet my beautiful daughter Paige. She's a blonde, but the blonde roots don't go so deep. Yesterday I had a parent teacher conference for her Preschool. She is only four and this little girl is one smart coookie! Let me tell you, she counts to well over 100, she is adding and subtracting, and she not only knows all of her alphabet by site, but she is starting to put the sounds of each of these together and is starting to read! According to her teacher, she knows most of what she needs to by the time she is out of Kindergarten! Way to go Paige!

I am busy writing up my half finger gloves pattern. Since so many people requested the gloves be adapted to the Knifty Knitter by Provo Craft, I am doing just that. I know when I started looming, fine gauge looms scared the living daylights out of me and I had a dickens of a time with them. I did lots of practice on the larger gauge looms to help me understand a process before trying it out on a fine gauge loom. I even made a sock with sock weight yarn on my Blue Knifty Knitter using just a single strand (yes, you heard me, a single strand) and then being the interprising person I am, I threw it in the washing machine and shrunk that baby down so the stitches came together. When that sock came out of the wash, it looked like I had knit it on a fine gauge loom! Here is the sock I made on my Knifty Knitter:

Felting isn't anything new, I know. I just wanted to let you know that you can experiment a little with yarn weights on your Knifty Knitters and try out some of those neat projects that call for those wonderful fine gauge looms without having to struggle and/or without having to go out and buy a fine gauge loom. Try it out using sport weight or fingering weight yarn. Explore the idea with your red or green Knifty Knitters too. Make a sock using any loom knit sock pattern just make sure to knit that baby really big! Stuff it with some tube socks (or anything else cotton) so the sides don't get too stuck together. When it comes out of the washing machine you'll need to work with it immediately before it dries to shape. You may need to do some pulling apart and stretching a little. Beware the sock will end up more like a slouch sock, but hey, it's a sock you look like you made on a fine gauge loom! Hee, hee.

Have a great day!


~Robin~ said...

Go, Paige! She is a doll. Smart and cute.....MMMMM, you are gonna have your hands full with that one!
My son will be turning 3 on the 31st and his new obsession is to spell. Anything! H-O-B-B-Y L-O-B-B-Y! That was last night when we were leaving the store. He does it so quickly and barely pauses in between the letters. And he asks me all the time, "How do you spell this? How do you spell that? SPELL IT!" He'll spell Elmo, Mom-O, Sis, and Start for you on command. :D Makes me wonder if he is gonna start reading this year. Blows my mind!
As for the sock and the felting process....the hot water on my washing machine doesn't work. Well, it works but leaks everywhere, so we don't use it. But I could felt in a bucket of hot water, right? And it would felt down nice? I have never felted anything before, so I am full of questions on it. Since you have your own alpacas I figured you might be an expert to ask! (I know, I know! I ask you a lot of questions but I can't help it. I am of an inquisitive and perfectionist nature so when I see something, ANYTHING, I don't know, I ask about it and want to know more than just vague things. :D) I looked at Hobby Lobby for that Paton's wool you said that you were using on the fingerless gloves the other day and they don't have it. In fact, the only Paton's I saw was twister. But I did find some other wool yarns. I have just never used wool before. I am a cheap yarn and clearance yarn gal. In fact, the most I have ever spent on a skein so far is $5 and that was for a big 16 oz skein of Red Heart Super Saver in black. :P
Ok, I will leave you alone now. Just wanted to drop by and see what it was you were up to. :D

Amy the knittin fool said...

Paige is just gorgeous! Wow..I'm sure you are proud as can be.

I love your webpage....keep up the great work. I hope to make more on my looms like you very soon!