Friday, January 25, 2008

Freebie Friday

Lion Face Dishcloth
By Karen Gielen

Knitting Loom: Fine gauge loom or Dishcloth Rake with a minimum of 35 pegs.
Yarn: Approx. 200 yds 100% cotton medium/worsted weight yarn.
Notions: Yarn Needle, Scissors, Crochet hook
Gauge: 16sts and 16 rows=4"

Cast on 35 (clockwise on a round loom or left to right on a single sided rake)
Pattern Notes: To speed knit this cloth e-wrap and knit the knit stitches in the garter stitch on all sides and flat knit within the picture portion of the pattern. Beginning tail weaving tip: On round one, just before you reach the last three to four pegs, take the tail piece and e-wrap pegs clockwise. Continue to knit (counterclockwise) with working yarn to end of round knitting over top loop with the bottom and middle loop (cast on loop and loop from tail). Your tail piece is now automatically woven in!
1.  K35
2.  P35
3.  K35
4.  P35
5.  K35
6.  P35
7.  K35
8.  P4 K6 P1 K3 P1 K2 P1 K2 P1 K3 P1 K6 P4
9.  K35
10. P4 K5 P4 K2 P2 K1 P3 K1 P2 K2 P2 K5 P4
11. K35
12. P4 K5 P2 K1 P11 k1 P2 K5 P4
13. K35
14. P4 K2 P1 K2 P17 K2 P1 K2 P4
15. K35
16. P4 K2 P1 K1 P19 K1 P1 K2 P4
17. K35
18. P4 K1 P2 K1 P9 K1 P9 K1 P2 K1 P4
19. K35
20. P4 K1 P11 K3 P11 K1 P4
21. K35
22. P13 K9 P13
23. K35
24. P4 K1 P8 K9 P8 K1 P4
25. K35
26. P4 K1 P8 K2 P2 K1 P2 K2 P8 K1 P4
27. K35
28. P12 K2 P1 K2 P1 K2 P1 K2 P12
29. K35
30. P11 K2 P1 K3 P1 K3 P1 K2 P11
31. K35
32. P10 K6 P3 K6 P10
33. K35
34. P4 K1 P4 K6 P1 K3 P1 K6 P4 K1 P4
35. K35
36. P5 K1 P3 K6 P5 K6 P3 K1 P5
37. K35
38. P10 K6 P3 K6 P10
39. K35
40. P11 K6 P1 K6 P11
41. K35
42. P4 K 1 P6 K4 B1 K3 B1 K4 P6 K1 P4
43. K35
44. P5 K2 P4 K13 P4 K2 P5
45. K35
46. P12 K11 P12
47. K35
48. P4 K1 P8 K2 P2 K1 P2 K2 P8 K1 P4
49. K35
50. P4 K2 P7 K2 P5 K2 P7 K2 P4
51. K35
52. P4 K1 P1 K2 P19 K2 P1 K1 P4
53. K35
54. P4 K1 P25 K1 P4
55. K35
56. P4 K1 P12 K1 P12 K1 P4
57. K35
58. P4 K2 P7 K1 P2 K3 P2 K1 P7 K2 P4
59. K35
60. P4 K5 P3 K3 P1 K3 P1 K3 P3 K5 P4
61. K35
62. P35
63. K35
64. P35
65. K35
66. P35
67. K35
68. P35

Bind off loosely with the crochet method, using one to two chain stitches in between each loom loop. Weave in ends with tapestry needle.
Copyright 2008 Karen Gielen for personal, non-commercial use only. All rights reserved.

Pleasee don't limit this pattern to just dishcloths! This pattern is one of several I am designing with a zoo animal or jungle theme. This pattern will also work well as blocks for a baby blanket. With both the Monkey Face Dishcloth pattern in my free patterns section over in the right hand column, and with this pattern, you could easily use two different yarn colors. For example, in the Lion Face pattern, use two different gold colors, one light and one dark. Where the pattern indicates a purl stitch, use the darker gold color and where the pattern says to knit, use the lighter gold. This would work well for the Monkey Face cloth as well. Use two different browns, for instance.

As I did with the Monkey Face dishcloth pattern, this pattern will also be added to my free patterns section very soon. Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Super cute!

~Robin~ said...

Oh, I really like the idea of jungle/zoo animal blanket! I would so make that for my little nephew! :D Your dishcloth designs are always so cute, too! :D
And about your 2yo unravelling least she wasn't sucking on it. I have caught Stephanie, on several occasions, with yarn in her mouth sucking on it. GROSS! Besides the fact that the yarn is soaked after that! :P
Oh, and I guess I should mention that I fall in the same group with have caused me to get an EFG sock loom. I haven't ordered it yet, but will any day now. I am working on hubby to get him to add in a Wonderloom while I am at it. ;) I am claiming that the Wonderloom can be an early b-day gift since my b-day is in May when we usually don't have ANY money. But I definitely will be ordering an oval EFG sock loom. They look so....beautiful! :D