Thursday, January 24, 2008

Reveling in Ravelry...a big old mess...and a great story

As you may know, I am now in Ravelry! Boy, what a place. I feel like I am sitting at a table set for a Queen and I have a feast of foods picked out just for me! I started entering my stash of yarn. It will take me months to complete my stash. What a neat concept. It's a great way to connect with someone if you are making a project and "oops" didn't get enough yarn for the project. You can log onto Ravelry and see if someone else has some in their stash and see if they would be willing to sell and/or trade.
My little two year old made quite the mess for me today! I had my EFG version of the half finger gloves and my Plushy House Socks project currently occupying my Blue Knifty Knitter sitting by the couch in the living room while I showered this morning. When I came out to the livingroom to work on my projects, here she had unraveled all of the yarn and wound it around the living room coffee table!!!!!! Arrrrrrrrrrgh! What a mess! I just spent the past hour trying to untangle and rewind up the skeins into some sort of ball. At least the projects on the looms are still intact! Whew! It's quite amazing how she spent merely minutes messing with my projects and it took me so long to correct what she did!
A good friend of mine, who happens to be a very spiritual person sent me an email this morning with the best story! It is a great testament to God's work in our everyday lives. I just wanted to share this story with you:
"Oh, I need to tell you a great story.  Last Saturday evening David went to deliver pizzas about 5:30 and called me about 5:45 which I thought was unusual.  He usually calls me when he is ready to come home (after 9:00 or even up to almost 11:00).  Well the reason he was calling was that they had five delivery drivers standing there, the phones were NOT ringing, NO ONE was coming in the door, and they had NO orders (on a Saturday evening of all days).  So he asked me to pray as they were going to send everyone home otherwise without any work.  I guess his manager heard him telling me that and gave him a funny look.  Anyway, I told him I would get right on it and hung up.  I immediately asked the Lord to open up the floodgates for pizzas and to make sure David let them know it was from prayer and God was providing, and then I thanked God for what He was going to do.  Then I actually fell asleep.  David didn't get home until around 9:30 or so, and he said five minutes after I called the phones were ringing off the hook.  I guess during the day they had 15 pizzas, and before they finished that night they had over 200 more.  He said about 8:00 the manager turned to him and said I think you can tell her to stop praying now.  I just laughed and praised Him for the opportunity for them to see His hand at work.  If only people would realize He can do things like that in their own lives.  The manager who was on that night is pretty rough, so it was a very good example for him.  Isn't that a great story!!!!!!!"