Friday, January 11, 2008

Freebie Friday

Here is a freebie for my loom knitting friends:

x = purl
blank squares = knit
b= bobble (visit here for directions on doing a bobble)

Cast on 36 (clockwise on a round loom or left to right on a single sided rake) with the crochet cast on method.
Pattern Notes: To speed knit this cloth e-wrap and knit the knit stitches in the garter stitch on all sides and flat knit within the picture portion of the pattern. Beginning tail weaving tip: On round one, just before you reach the last three to four pegs, take the tail piece and e-wrap pegs clockwise. Continue to knit (counterclockwise) with working yarn to end of round knitting over top loop with the bottom and middle loop (cast on loop and loop from tail). Your tail piece is now automatically woven in!
1. K36
2. P36
3. K36
4. P36
5. K36
6. P36
7. K36
All even rows beginning with row 8: P4, follow graph, P4
All odd rows: K36
61: K36
62: P36
63: K36
64: P36
65: K36
66: P36

Crochet bind off with a single crochet in between each loop join. Weave in end tail piece.

Thanks for stopping by!


Jenny Stark said...

That is so cute, Karen. Have a great day!


TheMenuMom said...

THANKS! We LOVE Monkey's at our house! I have three little boys. :)