Sunday, January 20, 2008

Silly Sunday

Meet my daughter Amanda. This little girl is making it very difficult to get my work done lately. She turned two in December and let me tell you, she is totally going through the terrible twos! Plus she is potty training. Great news there, but, she wants to spend the vast majority of the day on the potty. She is obsessed. Trouble is, I can't leave her in the room by herself because she gets into lots of trouble in there by herself.

It's very cold here in Minnesota right now. Makes me realize just why I designed a pair of gloves for the knitting loom and those half finger gloves everyone is so patiently waiting for. To tide you over until I get the more difficult pattern done for the Extra Fine Gauge loom, why don't you hop on over to LoomClass on yahoo. I am on the calendar for mid February to teach the half finger gloves on the Blue Knifty Knitter by Provo Craft. Since it is done on a large gauge loom, it makes it a lot easier for beginners to understand and it doesn't take nearly as long to knit up a pair. Hope to see you there!



~Robin~ said...

I guess Pam hasn't created a database to sign up for your class yet. :( I wanted to be the first!!! LOL!
I was thinking about those two socks too. But since you are the one that knows how to do finger holes (toe holes) I will let you handle that! :D
Have a great day!