Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Next Best Thing To Heaven...

...The long awaited invitation came today! I've read and heard so much about this new knitting, crochet, and loom knitting circle. Being left out waiting in the cold for so long (a two whole weeks of agony) made me feel like, well, like a sorority wannabe. Not that I couldn't sign up to be on the waiting list ages ago (they are adding people pretty quickly now, I hear). I heard about it first in my needle knitting group and was just too busy to care. Then, the "fire" jumped over to the loom knitting communities I belong to and I started hearing about it AGAIN. I once again was too busy to care. Then, I started to see so many of the gals with their Ravelry IDs proudly displayed at the bottom of their posts and email messages, I started to feel like I was leaving myself out of something and just had to find out what that "something" really was. I looks to me like "the next best thing to heaven" a gal could get with a passion for anything fiber arts related..."the next best thing to heaven" a designer/future designer could hope for to get exposure to their patterns. Well, yeah, "the next best thing to heaven" a spinner could get if they want to showcase their handspun yarns! Ohhhhhhhhh, yeah. Heaven indeed! Don't delay, get on the bandwagon today! See ya there!



So, you already belong to the royalty of loomknitting? !!!!! wow, give me your id and I will be honored to have you as my friend.


~Robin~ said...

YAY, FOR KAREN!!!!! I joined them back in November I think it was. The girl who started me on this journey of knitting (though she was originally out to teach me needle knitting from afar, and I discovered the looms also) told me about it and I joined. I was overjoyed to get my invitation b/c they make it seem like you were selected among millions to join their elite group. LOL! Then I got on there and called Chris at work to tell him about all the stuff that I could do on there....that he doesn't care about. :D Gotta love a patient hubby that lets you babble on and on about stuff that he doesn't care about when he is SUPPOSED to be working! LOL!
I guess I need to go log in to my Ravelry and see if you have invited me yet. :D
OH! And thank you for your lovely comment about how I type up my posts. Here, I thought your posts were interesting and fun to read. :D I guess we view eachother the same and don't give ourselves the credit we deserve.
Speaking of credit.....I SOLD MY FIRST PATTERN LAST NIGHT! And I am childishly telling anyone that will listen. :P