Thursday, April 19, 2007

New dishcloth loom, exercise progress, and shearing.

Eight miles down, only 142 to go! It's starting to feel good. I have been wanting to run away from this extra baby weight, run to get some time to myself, run to banish so I can experience the exercise highs I used to before I had children.

I got my dishcloth loom earlier this week. At first I was frustrated. It's a fine guage loom and I had troubles with it getting too tight. I popped into my looming dishcloth group and wonder upon wonder there was someone who asked that very day about why she was having touble with her fine guage dishcloth loom getting too tight. Someone suggested that she use a pen with all of the guts taken out to help her keep her wraps loose and I tried it, low and behold, it did the trick!

We have shearing on two of our alpacas on Saturday! It's suppose to be a hot and stuffy day. I bet the alpacas will be happy to shed their winter coats! I'll keep you posted on how it goes.