Saturday, April 21, 2007

Can't sleep

Insomnia has hit me again. It's after one a.m. and I feel totally awake. I have a big day tomorrow with the first alpaca shearing and all too, but sleep will not come. So, after laying in bed for the past two hours to no avail, I'm back at my computer again...

I forgot to relay the good news. We got five baby kittens yesterday. The kids were so excited. I thought Paige was going to explode! The poor momma cat had to have been stressed out by those noisy kids though, I had to chase them out of the garage, they were just screaming and jumping around with so much excitement and she was in labor, howling in pain, I felt horrible for her. They just didn't understand why it hurt her so much. They ran outside and kept peeking into the garage and were still jumping around and yelling to eachother in excitement. Every once in a while I would catch one of them sneaking into the garage and I had to chase them back out again. Momma cat did lose one. I don't know if it was from all of the chaos or if she would have lost it anyway. We still got four black ones and two orange ones though! I am so happy we got orange ones!!!! I've wanted orange cats for years and kept getting grey ones. It's about time we get some orange cats.


damask22 said...

Karen congratulations on your new arrivals. Must have been very exciting. I like mother cat's name- Paige. I have one called Piper. Also congrats on your first alpaca shearing. Lots of nice fibre to spin.

Best Wishes