Thursday, February 1, 2007

Bittersweet goodbyes...from baby to toddler and she'll never look back.

My youngest is now a toddler. She has been taking short forays across the living room now for weeks. As of yesterday, she has now given up her knees (she was walking around the house on her knees -- talk about funny!) for her feet (yeah!). It's bittersweet goodbyes since she is my last one (my tubes were tied so I know this is so). It's babysteps for her and babysteps for me (I am learning many new things on my loom). Just as she stumbles and falls (ouch, she just fell this weekend and cut her eye open), I stumble with the loom. But, just as she gets back up and keeps on trying until she finally gets the hang of it, so will I. Many loom knitters started out this way -- stumbling and then finally mastering this craft. With the help of the loom knitting groups I belong to on I am learning many new things and learning how to get past the things I am doing wrong.

If you stumble across this blog and you are new to this craft, don't get discouraged! I have mastered some of the loom knitting basics and will eventually be able to accomplish my dream of knitting a toddler sweater!