Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Purse Design

I made this purse for myself but my daughter decided she wanted it instead. The design is based on the cell phone purse pattern on Provo's website. There are a lot of mistakes in it, but once I felt it, a lot of the mistakes will be hidden (isn't felting wonderful???). There isn't anything special about the design. I created a v-shape for the flap by knitting on my loom 1 stitch and increasing to about 12 stitches or so and then I just increased my stitches to the entire loom (similiar to the cell phone purse design only I created a v-shape). After I reached the desired length for my purse I took off my stitches just as you would to finish off a hat. I then flat knit a small piece (2 stitches) and whipped stitched it to the front of the purse and tucked the v-shaped flap underneath to close the purse flap shut. I attached the handle by hooking the body directly onto my loom and then I just started to flat stich three rows until it was long enough. I attached the other end of the purse to this piece, knit a row and then used a crochet hook to remove my piece from the loom.


Andrea said...

That's really cute! You should come check out my first loom purse! I just finished it today and I guess it's ok. I have never completed anything I've tried to knit so this is a big accomplishment! Haha! I usually crochet everything. I've heard that knitting uses less yarn and since I use so much, I figured I'd try it out!

Happy Knitting!