Sunday, January 28, 2007

I just learned the pcaston & the flat removal method!

What would I do without Isela Phelps? Her step-by-step directions are wonderful. Visit her blog for a wealth of information on loom knitting I've learned how to cast on the loom using a crochet hook. This creates an edge that is not loopy and loose. I also learned how to use a crochet hook to cast off of my loom and finish off my projects.

Tip time: I have had my eye on one of those nifty yarn dispensers I spotted at my craft store (I believe Walmart carries them too). I decided to just make my own since I am always the thrifty knifty knitter (have you noticed my free ideas to save on buying expensive knitting supplies?? ha, ha). I emptied my AromaSeal coffee container (Folgers) the other day and a little light went off in my head. I washed it out thoroughly, took a nail and hammer and poked a hole in the lid and then took an awl and made the hole much bigger. Presto! A free yarn dispenser and it took only seconds to make!