Wednesday, January 17, 2007

knitting mittens for six little kittens

I am busy knitting mittens for all of my kids. Six little hands. Boy do I love my mitten knitting loom! I bought it online off of ebay and it sat on my dresser for weeks because I didn't understand the directions. It must have been the stress from planning a first birthday party for my youngest daughter. Then came Christmas. I had good intentions of making six sets of mittens for Christmas gifts but that didn't happen. After all of the festivities, I sat down one day and duh, it sounded so simple. I just started to knit and now have three pairs done. I finished half of a set yesterday. I was feeling really stressed out today and didn't get to the second one because all of the kids came home loaded down with homework. My oldest stepdaughter had algebra again. Arrrrrrrrrrrg! Who else hates algebra? It keeps me from my knitting! I am curious if anyone can answer this question, what does a star symbol mean in algebra? Here is an example: 3*+x=*+x+6. Remember, I had trouble figuring out my mitten knitting directions! Well, time for bed. Thanks for stopping by.