Friday, January 19, 2007

"Oh mother dear, we sadly fear that we have lost our mittens."

Today was a busy day. I got all of the house cleaning done and got to the end of that giant pile of laundry! I sat down this evening and finally finished my fourth pair of mittens. I made a pair for my son who is by far the worst offender of losing his gloves and mittens. It is just crazy, he is constantly coming home without anything on his hands or on his head. Yesterday he had a cough and I told him to get a hat on his head as he was leaving for school. He right away said he lost it on the bus. Apparently he has a little theif that keeps taking his stuff (an older boy). Well, he is in luck, his set of mittens are done. I finished his matching scarf too. I still need to start on his matching hat. It really is a nice set. It has three shades of brown and a light blue in the yarn. I will need to post some pictures soon.

I got my Crafters Choice catalog yesterday. I really enjoy this book club. It is by far the best club I've been in. There are several knitting books I would love to order. If you are looking for a great craft book club, this club is an excellent choice! I ordered a loom knitting book last month. It was on backorder and will not ship until sometime in February. I am chomping at the bit with anticipation to receive it. It was written by Isela Phelps. I have found a lot of valuable information online from Isela. Thanks Isela for your helpful information!