Thursday, January 18, 2007

Baby steps

My youngest daughter (she just turned one in December) has been working on walking for the past month or so. It's fun to see her gain confidence but it is bittersweet because I know she is my last baby and once she starts walking she'll quickly leave her babyhood behind and will be a toddler. I won't miss the nighttime feedings, however. I just don't understand her. She is very different from my other two children (biological) in that she is still very hungry at night. I've read that it is a habit to want a bottle during the night, but to be honest with you, I believe she is hungry! Why else would she sometimes want one and sometimes wake up three or four times and want more? She even will want one and then that isn't enough and she will cry again for another. She eats lots of solids during the day. She especially likes her veggies! She eats a variety of foods and most of them are substantial enough to provide her with energy. I've decided to try and feed her as close to bedtime as possible. I never did that with either of my other two, but I am at my wits end. Instead of being up all night loom knitting, I am up all night feeding my baby! My poor husband works physically very hard all day and he isn't getting enough of his much needed rest to maintain the energy level he needs. He of course can hear her wailing away even though he isn't physically getting up with her, his sleep is disrupted too!