Friday, February 23, 2007

Two hats down...? to go

I just finished my second hat (I started late yesterday) and have lots of yarn left over (I am making child hats) so will continue until my yarn runs out. I have a very sweet story to tell about my hats...My three (soon-to-be) four year old daughter Paige liked my hats so much she had to ask who they were for. I told her they were for a little girl with no hair. She right away thought they were for her sister Amanda May (who is one and doesn't have much hair). I told her that they were not for Amanda May but for a little girl we don't know that is probably about her age and doesn't have any hair because she is very sick. She right away named her "Cindy". I said to her, "Oh, her name is Cindy, huh?" and she said, "Yes." So when I started to make "Cindy" another hat she started with the questions again. She wanted to know why I am making "Cindy" another hat, and I told her it was because when "Cindy's" hat gets dirty, she will need another one. That made it all ok with her when I told her that. Then a little while later she wanted to know how dirty "Cindy" was going to get. I asked her why she wants to know that, and she said because she wants a hat just like "Cindy's" and she hoped "Cindy" wasn't going to get too dirty so I could make her one too! LOL. I just had to laugh!