Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Throwing in the towel...

I am throwing in the towel on my loom knit glove with fingers! I have been unsuccessfully trying to create a pair of gloves using just my looms and have not had any luck. I am able to get fingers on my handpiece but there are giant holes at the base of the fingers I am unable to blend into the rest of the stitches to make it look like one fluid piece. I was able to get fingers attached, but without a smooth transition, it just will not work! I even tossed my last attempt into the trash and a few hours later my husband discovered it in the trash, rescued it and brought it to me asking if our baby (Amanda May who is one year old) took it and threw it away (bless his heart). I told him I was just too frustrated and that I couldn't even figure out how to get the dumb thing unwound to salvage the yarn!

More bad news today. I just read an email from my friend Sheila who was diagnosed with and treated for cancer a few years ago, she had blood work done this past weekend and the test came back way off, her readings should be around 35 or less and she had readings of 6400! She told me that she believes it may be a mistake since she does not have any symptoms, however, she asked me to keep her in my prayers. This is very disheartening news for me and my family, she has been a wonderful blessing to us first as a nanny to our children, then as a cherished friend, and most recently as a valued spiritual adviser. I will most certainly keep you in my prayers, Sheila!