Saturday, February 3, 2007

Starting over...almost.

I've started my project over (almost). I ran into the problem of my hand piece being either too big or too small for my hand (grrrrrrr). I have resorted to making a flat piece on the loom that created the hand piece too large and reducing it by four pegs. I will need to mattress stitch the piece together to create a tube. Hopefully this tube will fit my hand and I can finally finish my glove!

I picked up an array of brightly colored yarns last night I am anxious to use. I finally found some eleastic thread that will work with my sock pattern (actually, my hubby found it up high on the shelf since he is 7 inches taller than I, he was able to see up there while I kept missing it). Mmmm, maybe I'll start a pair of socks tonight...

I learned the mock crochet stitch the other day. What a fun, fun stitch!!! I am anxious to apply this stitch to a project (it would be lovely in a shawl, vest, hat, or purse). I used worsted weight yarn to learn, but think I'll use a much lighter yarn to complete a shawl or perhaps one of those neat belts that can pull out into a shawl I saw in the stores (my eldest stepdaughter said she wanted one of those). Fun! Click here for a demonstration from Isela (thanks again Isela -- still can't wait to get your book!).

There is a cardinal out on the birdfeeder outside my livingroom window. What a beautiful bird! It is so bitterly cold outside (-15 below zero) and I wonder if that is why he stopped by.