Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blog Party Day 3 - Picture Puzzle


The party is in full swing! I am having a wonderful time and I am really enjoying seeing all of my friends stopping by to wish me a happy blogiversary! I hope I didn't tax your brains too much with yesterday's game :) I had a lot of fun putting it together. The game is now officially closed. Not to worry, I have a few more games up my sleeve and more chances to win!

In this post from last year, I wrote about my adventure in meeting Isela, the author of Loom Knitting Primer. I was so excited to learn she was going to be in my area for the Knit Out and Crochet 2008 event at the Mall of America in MN. I was even more excited when I found out I was able to go! Even though I had a tough time with bringing my children along and I didn't get a Keepsake Loom, I was still very honored to meet her and bring home my copy of Loom Knitting Primer with her autograph!

Today's Picture Puzzle contains another secret message. Once again, to keep things fair throughout the game, I will not post any comments until tomorrow morning. I will place a CLOSED banner above the game when it is officially over.

Successful guesses of the secret message will be entered into a drawing for a copy of my Family of Loom Knit Gloves or a copy of my Loom Knit Toe Socks pattern. The winner gets to pick! I will draw a name and announce the winner on Friday, January 16, 2009.

To begin playing, click here! Place a comment in this post or tap me on the shoulder here at the party and let me know what your guess is. Good luck and have fun!

ETA: The message pops up when the puzzle is complete!


Ruth Shirk (Colemanbunny) said...

The book Loom Knitting Primer

June ( said...

Good one Karen!

loom knitting is fun and easy


Little Ol' Liz said...

I hope the secret message is Isela telling you "I hope your journey in loom knitting is a happy one."

Tammi said...

I solved it! It is a pic of your autographed Loom Knitting Primer. I don't want to put what the solution says, because I don't want to give it away. You can email me at if you want me to tell you what it is. :)

Very cool puzzle, by the way.

westie-mom said...

loom knitting is fun and easy

LindaJ said...

Happy Blog Anniversary!!!
Job well done! It's been a joy this past year to check in here to see the updates,to participate in the projects and to see such marvelous talent being shared with us. Thank you for a wonderful year! Looking forward to years to come, Karen! Happy Looming!

guppygirl said...

Wow! More super fun :) The secret message is "Loom Knitting is fun and easy" Too cute! Happy Blogiversary!

mommeeme7 said...

that was fun Karen! Congratulations on your 1 yr anniversary! My answer is: "loomknitting is fun and easy". BTW, love the glove pattern! The clips are my new best friend!!!!

Becky in Oregon

Pam said...

The secret message is Loom Knitting is Fun and Easy!

Pam Sawyer

Peg said...

"loom knitting is fun and easy" is what popped up for me...I must say that loom knitting is easier than getting this puzzle together but both are just as addictive :-) Thanks for the fun. You are amazing to invent all these games. This is the first I've had a chance to play. Happy Anniversary and MANY more

Bethany @ Gettin' It Pegged! said...

That was fun! I love puzzles...I have a puzzle game on my computer for destressing, lol!

I'll send you my guess, so I won't give it away. ;)

Lilly said...

the secret message is: Loom knitting is fun and easy! YAY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, we must have different copies of Loom Knitting Primer Mine has looms on the front. this appears to have a lot of the free take one pamphlets for knitting on front. I like the hint of the hat that says Simply Brilliant

anyhooo--the only message I see in this puzzle that I've been trying to get together is:

Dear Karen,
May your journey in loom knitting be a (indistinguishable for me but saying.....happy? ) one!
Isela P. 2008


Anonymous said...

Karen, it is your autographed copy of the Loom Knitting Primer by isela Phelps. Karen M/Ohio

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen
Autographed copy of Loom Knitting Primer book by Isela.
Lucky You!
Terry T

Anonymous said...

from Isela, the message.

Dear Karen,
May your joy in loomknitting be a happy one:)

~~Cheryl~~ :-*

Anonymous said...

I just finished the puzzle, and the message reads:

loom knitting is fun and easy

Thanks so much for a fun game to brighten my day. :)

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hi again,

Sorry I didn't give 'the message' last time!

No message 'popped up' when completed, but I'm sure it could not be done some other way as everything fits together and connects just as it should...

The book title is Loom Knitting Primer and the inscription reads, "Dear Karen, May your journey in loom knitting be a happy one. Isela P. 2008"

Anything else I need to do to enter? Thanks....


Anonymous said...

Isela wrote: Dear Karen,
‘May your journey in loom knitting be a happy one !”
Isela P. 2008

This was an autograph at the Malls of America Knit event in your Loom Knitting Primer by Isela.

Anonymous said...

The answer in the picture puzzle is loom knitting is fun and easy Thank you for such fun puzzles. YOU are so right! I love my looms. Betty

Anonymous said...

Hello Karen,

The answer is "loom knitting is fun and easy".

Thanks for the fun puzzle!