Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blog Party Day 2 - Simple Charting Game


The guest are slowly arriving. The h'ordeurves are going around. Grab a drink at the open bar and settle down on the couch or love seat and try your hand at this Simple Charting game I've created just for my loom knitting friends! To sweeten the deal, I am inviting you to post a comment here when you are finished letting me know what it is a picture of and you will be entered into the drawing for a copy of my Loom Knit Toe Sock pattern! If you don't have the ability to post a comment, track me down here at the party and whisper your answer in my ear.

To make the game fair for all, I will not approve any of the guesses until tomorrow morning when this game is officially over! I'll place a CLOSED above the game. The winner will be announced on Friday, my official Blogiversary!

Click here to download the file. The latest version of Adobe Reader must be installed to view this file.

Edited to add: To play the game, download the directions and print the file out. Sit down and place an "x" in the spots on the chart where the written directions say to purl. It helps to count the blank spots on the chart that equal the knit stitches. When you figured out the picture, drop a comment in this post with your answer! Good luck!


westie-mom said...


there is an error on row 31...only 47 stitches, it this on porpuse to see who actually did the pattern :-)

jpirkle said...

Karen, after the weekend you had I'm surprised you are running games. "Let's Party" is the picture. Line 31 is missing 1 square. It should read K8P4K10P1K4P5K3P5K8
and then line 33 should probably be K7P6K8P3K2P7K2P6K7,then the t's look the same. Sorry to find error's.

Evelyn said...

The picture is Let's Party!


Evelyn said...

The picture is Let's Pary!


Stephanie said...

Let's party!

That was so much fun!!! Thanks Karen! I think that I may knit this for my crazy 21 year old sister. The purple loom has 48 pegs . . .

guppygirl said...

Fun chart Karen :) It says Let's Party!

Love the blogiversary games!

Little Ol' Liz said...

OOohh - you're "t" had me there a minute!

"Let's Party!"

Bring it on!

Anonymous said...

Let's Party! from Karen, Moscow,PA

Knitty Nina said...

Okay, I hope this is the way to do it. Let's party!

Isela said...

Let's Party!


Tytbody said...

I see it says Let's Party!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I tried to post a comment with my answer to your game but I have never tried to do it before and I am not sure if it worked the answer to your charting game is Let's Party!


Anonymous said...

Hello Karen,

I hope I am still eligible for the contest. I cannot post while I am at work but I would still like to participate. I would love to receive the toe socks pattern! My daughters are crazy for them. Happy Anniversary!!!!

The answer is: Let's party!

Laura G

Jeni (cowgirl_jeni@yahoo.com) said...

Let's Party!