Monday, October 13, 2008

My New and Improved Loom Knit Gloves and Half Finger Gloves

I have been wanting to improve on my glove and half finger glove pattern I released last year for the Knifty Knitter. Here is the pattern for the old version of my Knifty Knitter version. The old version was just way too bulky when made with super bulky yarn which was used based on the gauge of the loom. Because of this, it was uncomfortable to wear. I didn't really like the version I made using elastic thread either. I also didn't like having to seam up the sides of the fingers! I even went so far as to try and get my hubby to make a new loom for me that had some sort of a slider to make the fingers in the round. When Provo Craft came out with the new loom clips a little lightbulb went off and I just knew I could make my glove patterns better for the KK. As you can see the new version has a very nice gusset on the thumb just like needle knit gloves. You can also see that the knitting seemlessly goes into the fingers and is very consistent with the knitting on the hand portion. The best part about this new version, it is knit completely in the round so NO seaming needed! The only stitching that needs to be done is in between the fingers when you remove it from the loom. With the introduction of the loom clips it is possible to make this glove that will fit a child, a medium/large glove for a woman or a older child and for a large adult or man.


Bethany @ Gettin' It Pegged! said...

Karen, what an improvement! You've made a perfectly thought out concept for the KK's that's so user friendly!!! Beautiful job!!! :D Thank goodness for those clips...I definitely need some, lol.

I bet I know what comes next...;) hehehe!

guppygirl said...

Karen, they look really nice. Great job! What great timing for this too. We just had a snowy weekend here in Utah :) Have a great day!


My gloves were so bulky as I could not find the correct yarn here in Mexico that I always felt uncomfortable about them. So now there is hope. I already have the clips so I hope I can follow the pattern better. Good for you Karen!!! Thank Goodness for your creativity.

Jackie said...

Karen...your half gloves look great...let me know where I can find your updated pattern when you have it ready! I think I would really enjoy those, maybe even for myself this winter. Great job...I have the clips, but haven't used them yet for a project. Thanks! I'm still working on your dishcloth, I'm sorry it seems like I've really slowed down on the finer gauge this time, at least it's over 1/2 done now.

Martha said...

oh wow. i do like the way this ones looks. I have started a pair using your old pattern, but I wasn't happy with the way they looked. so I stopped working on them.

now I need to find some of those clips.

Anonymous said...

Let us know when the pattern is available. My son has been asking me to make him a pair for a long time.