Monday, October 20, 2008

Loom Knit Half Finger Gloves LAL Day 4

Copyright 2008 Karen Gielen


We've aquired a Dog!

Sunday morning my hubby spotted a puppy out on our back deck. He went out and of course, he just had to pet her. He said he couldn't help himself. She must have been dropped off in the middle of the night since no one came looking for her all day yesterday. She looks slightly malnurished (poor thing). She howels like a coon hound. At first we thought she was from a farm up the road since she does howel like a coon hound and they have coon dogs for hunting. She looks half rottweiler, half coon hound. She is approximately 4 or 5 months old. She will be a big dog based on the size of her paws. The kids were all away for the weekend and of course when they came home, they all begged to keep her. My youngest is terrified of her though since she is much bigger than her and she wants to lick her face. She won't leave our poor cats alone either! Hubby said this morning we may as well keep her. I will have to make a run into town and get her some dog food. We weren't looking for another expense and I am sure she will be a big eater. I'll post some picks of her hopefully tomorrow.