Thursday, October 16, 2008

At 12:42 AM we were awakened by gunshots at the side of our house...

...someone thought it was infinately funny to plaster the side of our house and front windows with a paint gun! Both hubby and I sprang out of bed. Hubby is so fast, he was out the front door and saw the tailights rounding the bend in the road. We went out into the yarn and inspected the damage. Paint was splattered all over the yard and all over the side of the house. The offenders even had the nerve to drive back by. The turned off their headlights and raced by.

Luckily the paint came off with a powerwasher the next morning.

Ha, ha, very funny. What goes around comes around, is all I can say!

Edited to change PM to AM (I didn't have my coffee yet).


Isela said...

Darn peoples! Nothing to do and they get in trouble and mess up other people's lives. I am glad you guys are safe.