Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Loom Knitting Primer Book grew legs and walked off...

...or, someone (me) could have taken it to the library accidentally since it was in the stack of books ready to go back and now it's gone missing. The worse part of it is, it was a signed copy! Remember this? I worked hard to get that signature! I contacted the library but haven't heard if it was ever found (it's been missing for months). I turned my house literally upside down looking for it!


You were loved, and will be missed dearly!

P.S. If anyone checks out the Loom Knitting Primer book with the above handwritten text in it, it is mine!


Caroline said...

Oh no! I bet you'll find it some place totally about 12 years! :) If you believe in St. Anthony you can say a quick prayer to him (he is the angel that helps you find lost things.) Tons of info on the internet about him.

Good luck!