Thursday, July 3, 2008

M is for Meme since I've been chasing 6 kids and spinning like a crazed lunatic!

Yes, I feel like a dog chasing it's tail in more ways than one lately...having all the kids home from school all day everyday gets me no where fast and I am getting overly dizzy and awefully pooped out. Man, they have a lot more energy than I do, I'll be 40 next year! Plus, I am spinning like a crazed lunatic and if you stare at that wheel or whorl long enough, you'd get dizzy too :D

I looked forward to summer all winter and spring and now I can't wait for fall. My farm tour will be over and done with and I can take my time spinning and truly enjoy it. The kiddos will be back in school (only one little one will be left at home all day) and I can maybe complete a simple thought. I have had a lot to say lately and no time to say it or I lose the thought all together. I started a couple posts and ended up trashing them since they were out-of-date. So, memes are where it's at for me this summer. I found this one over on Boogie Knits, she tagged all that read the post so...

Until fall:

1. Where was I 10 years go.
I was an Art Director for an advertising agency in downtown Denver, CO. Oh, I loved the job! So much creative stimulation!

2. 5 things on today’s to-do list
- Clean the house
- Make fruit pizza for 4th of July party
- Make veggie salad for 4th of July party
- Finish the mounds of laundry
- Finish up the rolags I made last night in order to ship to mom for hats she is making for the farm tour
- Clean out Paige's cloths bin and sort out cloths that doesn't fit and put in goodwill boxes and then use the bin to clean out the living room closet filled to the brim with toys
- Make supper
- Do alpaca chores
- Go to bed at midnight?

Oops, that's more than 5 things!

3.Snacks I enjoy
Popcorn; cottage cheese and mandarin oranges; carrots; peanut butter toast; nuts; fresh fruit

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire.
Travel; travel; travel

5. Places I have lived.
Minnesota; Nebraska; Colorado; Minnesota again

6. Jobs I have had.
Graphic artist; website designer; illustrator; Art Director; Marketing Assistant; Sales Assistant; Mother; business owner/co-owner; Alpaca Rancher

7. Who would I like to know more about.
All of you. If you read this consider yourself tagged or not. Just let me know in a comment if you decide to do it.


Isela said...

I did the MEME on my bloggy

Robin McCoy said...

I'm gonna do your MEME! :D
And darn you for that last Friday Fill-in! That silly 'Annie' song never fails to get stuck in my head for at least a week. Not only that, but I will be singing it at the top of my lungs...and at randumb (meant to spell it that way) moments! ARGH! I'll get you back....don't you worry! ('Annie' is one of my all time favorite movies! ;D)