Sunday, July 27, 2008

I am a little late to the party, but hey, at least I made it :D!

My good looming friend Bethany is having a party over on her blog to celebrate her bloggy anniversary. She's having a question and answer round robin type game happin' right now. If you stop on over, copy and paste the questions into your own blog and link back to her, who knows, maybe you'll score a cool prize? Here's my answers:
1. What was your age when you first discovered your love of yarn? I was eight. What (or who) was it that introduced you to all that fibery goodness? My grandmother was an occomplished fiber artist. She knit and/or crocheted all of her gifts for every birthday and every Christmas gift. I suppose it all rubbed off onto me :-)
2. If you could sit down with anyone in the world to have a little knit along, who would it be? I think I would choose Denise. Why? Besides having a great sense of humor, she also has a great creative mind that, as she said once about someone she admired, I would love to mind meld with her for awhile.
3. What is your favorite comfy place or position in which to work with yarn? I usually sit on the couch next to my laptop and my side end table (where I keep all of my yarny supplies). I like to have quick access to the internet in case I need to do research on a technique or I need to write a quick question on yahoo or Ravelry or go look for inspiration.
4. Like our heroin in the story below, do you ever dream about soft fuzzy goodness? Or how to do a particular technique you’d never thought of while awake? Oh, I am always dreaming about creating something or other. I have been dreaming of spinning lately and that doesn't get anymore yarn related than that!
5. What type of loomer/knitter/crocheter are you? Do you like long involved projects, or quickies full of fast satisfaction? Quick and near instant gratification!
6. Have you ever guiltily postponed dinner due to your involvement with a project? Oh gee, everyday?
7. What is your ultimate goal in your yarn life? To be able to spin perfect yarn. My current goal is to spin enough alpaca to make sufficient projects I can sell at my Alpaca Farm Tour coming up real soon September 28th and the 29th.
8. Do you have a favorite snack you like to munch while working with yarn? I actually find I don't eat when I work on my yarny crafts. I miss my meals and everything. I of course get food for my kids, but I don't take the time to eat when I am in the middle of working on something I am trying to work out or something that I am getting close to finishing. So, I would suppose the answer to that question would be no.
9. What is your all time most favorite yarn tool/accessory that you absolutely could not live without? My drop spindle.
10. What is your favorite movie? Walk the Line (what a true love story from one of my favorite musical artists)!
11. What is your favorite book as an adult…and what was yours as a child? They are the same: The Holy Bible
12. What are you working on right now with your yarn? Oh my goodness, what am I not working on would be easier! I am crocheting numerous hats with my handspun, this dress I am making with hairpin lace for my highschool reunion, slippers I am wet felting, jewelry I am making out of wetfelted beads from my handspun yarn, this shawl from hairpin lace from my handspun, I have a sweater I am designing and loom knitting that is something like 2/3rds done, and a loom knit dishcloth I designed for a Breast Cancer Awareness Dishcloth Calendar. I also have lots of projects I've completed but haven't stitched up yet or felted yet.
13. Is there a special project that you’ve been just dying for someone (or yourself) to design? I have lots of designs I have drawn out and even computated the stitches but have not had a lick of time to work out (i.e. socks). 14. Did someone invite you to join in on the party today? Why Bethany did!


Bethany @ Gettin' It Pegged! said...

I'm so glad you got to drop by and play a little! I really enjoyed reading your answers to the questionnaire...I can't wait to see all the goodies you're creating! It sounds like the "Design Goddess" has been making frequent trips to your abode, lol! ;)

guppygirl said...

Aaahhh! You made me queue Dagmar. Maybe I will get to it before I am 100 :) It was fun reading a bit about you. Have a great day!