Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins and a pretty rainbow

1. Oh, I can't wait until I have a drum carder.

2. The milk usually is the first thing I see when I open my refrigerator.

3. I never leave home without my purse.

4. If I were a condiment, I would be mustard because if you spill me on your cloths, on the table, or anywhere, I leave a permanent mark.

5. Food crumbs on my kitchen floor is really high up on my list of pet peeves.

6. The last thing I thought of before I went to bed was oh I hope we don't have a tornado warning during the night.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to getting safely to my brother's house in southern Minnesota without running into some terrible storms, tomorrow my plans include visiting with my mom and dad and brother and Sunday, I want to get back home safely to see my kiddos and hubby!

We've had some rocky weather lately. I took this photo a few days ago after a particularily violent storm passed through:


Kathy N said...

I didn't play this time but am visiting some of the blogs.

#6 - I feel for you on the worry about tornadoes. We're moving to Oklahoma at the end of this month.

Anonymous said...

yay for mustard! and what a pretty picture :).


rainbows DO require watching! thank you!

Janet said...

what a beautiful shot! I hope you didn't get any tornado warnings in the night.