Thursday, August 7, 2008

She made me do it, I just had to post something on my blog today!

A while back Denise had a shout out for suggestions on things to write about on her very cool, and always educational How-To's Tuesday. I had some things I was interested in learning more about so I gave her a suggestion or two, such as How To Pick a Good Substitution Yarn. This is a great one if you have an allergy to the yarn used in the pattern or you have a gorgeous yarn in your stash and you would love to use it. She offered up a link to a website with a database of yarns that make a no-brainer of picking out a suitable yarn substitute for your project.

I have to say though, the How-To's Day post I learned the most from and have put to use the most lately is How to Measure Your Mystery Yarn and her post How to Figure out the Weight of Your Mystery Yarn. Since I've become obsessed with spinning, I have a lot of yarn I need measuring! I of course don't have the benefit of a label, I have to do all the work myself in order to figure out how much of each skein I have. To me, this How To's Day post is priceless!

Now, to make her How-To's day even better, she dreamed up a sweet contest! Go ahead and hop on over there and look through her previous Ho-To's, leave her a comment about your favorite one in her contest post and you just might win yourself a $25 gift card to JoAnn Fabric! How cool is that?