Sunday, August 10, 2008

Funny for the Day

We raise alpacas and when we shear our alpacas I say it is time to give the alpacas a haircut. Once the "hair" is off of the animal I call it fleece. I work with this fleece in many different ways such as spin it into yarn and make felt out of it (for slippers, mittens, rugs, etc.). My youngest daughter knows I call it fleece, and she apparently picked up on me saying we give them a "haircut". Well, I gave my five year old a haircut and threw the hair in the garbage in the bathroom. My two year old went potty and spotted the hair in the garbage. She yelled from the bathroom to me, "Mommy, is that Paige's fleece?" Hee, hee!


guppygirl said...

Aw, too cute :)