Monday, March 10, 2008

Signs of Spring?

Isela posted on her blog signs of spring in her hometown. She asked us to post pictures showing signs of spring on our blogs. Are there signs of spring here? Well, not quite. In a few days though I hear it is suppose to maybe get up to 40 degrees! Wow! Bikini weather! Well, in Minnesota anyway! LOL! I did spot a mud puddle forming by the garage when I went to bring my daughter to school today. There was a little melt off of snow from the garage roof, that's all ;-(.

I am still getting these terrible dizzy spells. I am just miserable with it. One minute I am fine and the next minute I am falling over. I got up in the middle of the night about two weeks ago and thought I was going to die. I was so light headed and faint. Then I got a sharp pain in my pelvis and got really sick to my stomach (probably from the pain). I have lots of things I want to design, but I keep sitting down to work on them and get so dizzy (I did get three more graphs done but haven't written up any directions yet). I can't look at anything for very long. I did start needle knitting a cabled dishcloth because that was one of my personal goals for this year (learn cables on a loom and on the needles). It is turning out just gorgeous! I made a little boo boo though on one of the cables, I didn't have my working yarn in the right spot (it was behind the cable needle in back rather than in front of it) so I have a thread wrapped around one of my cables. Must have been a dizzy spell! Oh well, I'll still use it though.

The March LAL on the Ravelry Loomin' Dishcloth Group is in full swing. A couple people posted pics of their finished cloths. They all look fabulous thus far! Great job everyone!

I don't have any pics of signs of spring. I sure wish I did. I am a summer girl all the way. Since we haven't had enough snow to snowmobile, I'd rather have spring.

Have a great day!


Sorka said...

And your doctor appointment is...when?
Oh Tomorrow!! Good girl!
Now GO!
Or I will have to get really mean!

The Sick Chick said...

My sympathies for the dizzy spells and pain, they're both horrid. I do hope you're seeing a doctor for them though as both can be signs of very nasty problems!

Anonymous said...

Yep, I am with Sorka...better get ye to the doctor quick.

Do you feel like you are spinning even when you are closing your eyes or going to sleep?