Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oops, I did it again!

I just couldn't help myself. I ordered another loom knitting book! Crafter's Choice has Isela's latest title, the Loom Knitting Pattern Book on pre-order and it will be ready to ship on May 1st. Considering how quickly the Loom Knitting Primer book sold out, I decided it was best that I jumped on it and pre-ordered my copy ASAP. If you don't want to wait forever and a day, I would suggest you hurry to your favorite online book seller and pre-order your copy today!

I am, despite little help from my hubby (he is way too busy to help with the kids most days), starting a new exercise program! It has been awhile since I was able to work out (I tried about a year ago and kids just kept prohibiting my efforts). I was very consistant with my workouts prior to becoming pregnant with my youngest daughter, Amanda. Well, Amanda turned two in December and is at the age where I don't have to watch her every second of every day. She plays for longer periods of time. I have decided it is time for me to devote some time to myself for a change. I have a nice treadmill that I have, up to this point hardly used. I get so bored usually with the treadmill and it is still too cold (let alone too muddy) outside to go for walks here. Plus, I couldn't really do that anyway because an adult still needs to be in the house with the kids, so the treadmill is my only alternative. To aleviate boredom I got a bright idea last night, I dug my portable DVD player out and pulled out my trilogy of The Lord of the Rings series and decided to watch while I walk. I walked for a half hour last night and almost didn't want to stop because I got into the movie! The whole series should be a great jump-start on my exercise program.

Have a great day!


Isela said...

My new technique is to also watch movies while running on the treadmill. I don't like running on the treadmill--it makes my calves hurt as I run differently on it than outside but the cold weather demands it of me to go on the treadmill. Anyways, I have also found the Pirates of the Caribean a good series to watch :)...the action sections are perfect for good run.

Good luck with your training!

Stacey said...

First, did you get your package? They've started to arrive other places and I want to make sure it gets there. Second, since Isela outted me on Monday... I'm going to be in that book :::squee::::. I'm supposed to get a couple of free copies, but she said she could have ordered the Cables book before she got her comp copies.

Oh and my verification came up as: soxhog. :D

Destiney said...

I bought a treadmill last fall and worked out steady for about 2 months and haven't touched the thing since. I am hoping to get a portable DVD to help ease the bordom. My kids are more than capable of entertaining themselves (8 & 12) but my free time limited to is early morning (I enjoy sleeping in too much) or late evening (which is now the time I get to loom or practice knitting)

Good Luck Keep us posted