Monday, March 24, 2008

I have a new patterns blog...and I won a contest!

My ever growing collection of personal patterns have a new home -- Creative KJ's Patterns! My list was getting longer and longer and I realized I needed to spend some time and put them into their own blog. I spent most of the weekend (almost kid free) creating a new home for them. I am still adding patterns and have many more I've designed within the past two weeks, so bookmark it and check back soon!

More news! I won the cool contest put on by The Purling Dervish. I won some wonderful Wooly Wonka! Since I have NEVER won a thing in my life, I was shocked! Oh, wait, I just remembered, I lied, I did win $90 bucks out in Las Vegas, I sat down at a slot machine and the first coin I plopped in won! Which reminds me! I won't be going back out there in April like my hubby promised. His work is kicking in and we won't be able to go ;-(

Have a great day!


guppygirl said...

The new blog looks great. You have some neat patterns. And congratulations on the yarn. It's so pretty! I think I have yarn envy... Have a great day!