Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Looming Angels T-Shirt Shop

I am so excited to announce the new Looming Angels T-shirt Shop I opened yesterday! If you belong to the Looming Angels group over on, and you are proud to loom for a cause, stop by the t-shirt shop and grab yourself a "I am a Looming Angel because I loomed for a cause!" t-shirt! The prices are reasonable and there are many sizes and style available to suit most tastes! Looming Angels is a non-profit group and all prices are for cost only. Start shopping by visiting the Looming Angels T-Shirt Shop today!

I created a graph for the Virginia Tech afghan square charity (permission has been given to use the logo for charity). It is a charity devoted to creating afghans for the victim's familes of the Virginia Tech shooting. It needs tweaking and I haven't figured out my guage yet or anything, but the hardest part is done (the graph). If you are interested in making up an 8"x8" square in maroon or burnt orange yarn and sending it on over to the Mosiac Yarn Shop in Blacksburg, Virginia, click here for further details.

Have a great day!