Friday, December 5, 2008

Cutting it close...

This is a picture I took of my two year old just yesterday. She is wearing the new Perfect Fit Toddler Mitts I designed recently. Her bangs were the perfect length and she was looking so adorable. I trimmed her hair a few weeks back and it was finally growing in, perfect timing for her 3rd birthday on the 15th.

Here she is now:

She got a hold of the scissors a few hours ago while I was making supper and there is a good 2 inches of her forhead showing! Oh well, at least she has some of her bangs left!


guppygirl said...

Those mitts are so cute! And your little gal is too. My friend's daughter cut a bit hunk of her hair right on the top of her head once. Right down near the scalp. She was so upset about it. She had to have her wear headbands for a long time :) Good thing it grows back, right? Have a great day!