Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My new toe socks on the knitting loom!

What do you do when you have insomnia for days on end? Well... I made a pair of toe socks on my knitting loom! Last year when I came out with my first glove design, Bethany over at GettingItPegged.com asked me if I could convert the design over into toe socks. I determined the design was too much trouble so I set the idea aside for awhile until now! Using the same technique I created for my new half finger gloves (and full finger gloves) on the long yellow Knifty Knitter and the new Loom Clips from Provo Craft, I sat down and quickly knitted up my first prototype:

Ok, now I need to put my glittens design back on my yellow loom and finish that pattern up!


Martha said...

OMG - I so need this pattern. Do you need someone to test it for you?????


Muhittin M. G said...

nice sock..