Sunday, November 9, 2008

Memory Lane

My digital camera is a Sony CD Mavica. A big beast of a camera my husband bought for me 8 years ago. It takes these mini cds that when you take a picture, the image burns right onto the cd. When the one-time-use cd is full (or when I am ready to get images off of the disc), I finalize the disc, pop it out of camera and pop it into my computer. Since I've had this thing for so long I have mountains of these little cds piled up in my office, piled up in my yarn stash closet, piled up under my bed (oops, did I say that?)...well, you get the idea. I usually am in a hurry to get the images on the cd onto my computer so I don't bother with writing on the cd what exactly is on the cd. In fact I am terrible at recording what is on the cds. After time I always archive the images I've placed onto my computer and shuffle them off somewhere without a label too (I know, I am terrible).

Today I sat down with the hopes of finding a recent picture I took (from this past spring) and starting popping one cd after another into my computer and reviewing the contents. What a treasure trove of memories! I found pictures from 6, 7 years ago...the kids were so young then! I sat and looked through pictures of my 5, soon to be 6 year old daughter's of my two year old's first of our puppies we had when we lived in our old of a baby fawn my husband found curled up in the tall grass at our old place, lying so still, not moving a muscle, waiting for it's mother to return....

I never found the picture I was looking for. What I did find was a great way to spend my afternoon. I kept calling the kids into the office to come look at this picture or that. They laughed so hard at themselves. My two year old kept pointing at the cute little baby which was really pictures of herself :-)...

What memories have you uncovered recently?