Thursday, February 14, 2008

Aaachoooooooooo...sniff, sniff

First I get the flu, then I come down with this mysterous stiff neck thingy I have going on and now I have a cold! Well, I am trying to balace things out a bit here so I think I should be the one to win the Tri-fecta random drawing today on the Five Days of Giveaways contest featured on the Chased by Children blog. Perhaps I can tip the scales a bit by letting the blogger know I am chased by six children everyday! LOL!


jpirkle said...

Did the stiff neck come with this cold/flu thing? Sunday six of us had it at church and couldn't move. My chiropractor is having me come every day to loosen it up. It is a bit better but still popping when I move my neck like popcorn. This is a bad cold/flu year. I couldn't even knit for two days it hurt so bad. A headache also. I hope you are feeling better soon. Try to relax with looming a tiny bit at a time.