Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Will you help me pick a name?

I am setting up an Etsy shop. My shop will have mostly alpaca yarn, roving, and raw alpaca fiber. I plan to add dyed alpaca fibers and drop spindles eventually. I want my name to be creative and rememberable but don't want to limit it to just alpaca. I want it to feel like my brand name. For many years I used the name "Creative KJ" because my nickname in highschool and college was KJ. Someone added "Creative" to my nickname because they thought I was always so creative. A few years ago I changed it to "Cre8tivkj". My blog name uses it. My pattern's blog uses it. It is my Ravelry ID, my Yahoo ID and now my Twitter ID. Now I am wondering, have I successfully branded this as my name online?

Should I stick with my online spelling of the word creative? Keep it spelled correctly? Change it only a little bit? Forget about the word altogether? Which name do you think I should use as my Etsy store name?

1. Cre8tiveSpin
2. CreativeSpin
3. CreativSpin
4. Cre8tivSpin
5. Spin4Fun
6. Fiber4Spinning
7. Spinning4Fun
8. FiberDreams
9. SpinningFiberDreams
10. Luv2Spin


telaine said...

I like CreativeSpin, unless the number 8 holds a special significance for you.

For me at least, the 8 replaces both the "a" and "t" in your name but it looks a little strange as Cre8ive at the same time.

I'm excited to see your shop! I just started mine, too, and it's still really small. But I'm working hard :)

Iselaq said...

this is a tough one. You have coined for yourself Crea8tivKJ however, would people find you by typing Creative or Crea8tive KJ. Do you want to associate your blog and other identities with your fiber biz or do you want to keep it by itself. Are you going to blog about it here on this blog-if so, it would be smart to keep them connected somehow with the name.

Also in the mix, you have to think about the professionalism of the store's name. Is it something you want to print on cards, letterheads, etc. Shorter names are easier to remember and easier to fit on printed material.

Good luck choosing a name. Take your time.

The Sick Chick said...

FiberDreams gives me all kinds of (good) goosebumps, the "I'd buy from them" kind! But Isela is right, if you want to link it with your blog/other net names go with Cre8tivSpin but I think people will have more trouble searching for that and if they don't know you they might wonder why you spell it that way.

Alpaca Farmgirl said...

I like Cre8tiveSpin. Works with your brand and is descriptive. Can't wait to see what you put in your shop!